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Metric Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings are the most commonly used rolling bearings.
The balls run in deep grooves in both the outer and inner rings. This enables the bearing type to accommodate radial loads as well and some axial loads in either direction.

Deep groove ball bearings are especially suitable for high speed applications due to their low friction. They achieve the highest speed ratings of all rolling bearing types. Deep groove ball bearings are available in a wide variety of designs with different shields and seals. This enables greased For Life bearings, maintenance free, and more efficient designs.

Other Classifications of single row deep grooved ball bearing are, Miniature Bearings - up to and including 3.175 mm inner bore diameter
Extra Small Bearings - over 3.175 mm up to and including 9.525 mm inner bore diameter

Max Type Bearings - greater number of balls than normal allowing higher radial loads, with limited axial loads in one direction. For more information see Max Types.

Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing have higher radial load ratings than single row bearings and a very rigid bearing support. The older design of the double row deep groove ball bearings, fitted with a pressed steel cage, have filling slots in one face and therefore, is less suitable for axial loads in this direction.
The latest designs, usually fitted with polyamide cages, no longer have such filling slots. Therefore some axial load is equally possible in either direction.
Double row deep groove ball bearings are very sensitive to misalignment.

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Magneto Bearings have an internal design similar to the single row deep groove ball bearings. The outer ring is counter-bored, which makes it separable and easy to mount.
Magneto bearings are suitable for applications where low loads and high speeds occur.


All information courtesy NKE Bearings Austria



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