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2 Bolt Pressed Steel Housings Only

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2 Bolt Pressed Steel Housings Only

These items are 2 bolt pressed steel housings only, not including the bearing inserts which are available separately. They are intended for bolting into a variety of frameworks, whether metal, timber or even brickwork depending on your requirements. 2 bolt pressed steel housing units are also available, complete with their bearing assemblies.

Each split block housing consists of two mating galvanised steel plates. When bolted together they create a supporting enclosure for the bearing. A two bolt oval or diamond shaped housing is best suited for light to medium load but offers the most economical solution for many applications. They are made from galvanised steel but housings in cast iron and other materials are also available. Three and four bolt split housings are also available in triangular, square, circular, pillow block and other housing designs and these often carry higher loads.

These flange mounted bearings can also accommodate a choice of bearing types, such as roller bearings or ball bearings. Roller bearings extend load support whilst ball bearings are lower friction and better for high speed rotation. Plain bearings can be used when the main object is just to control the shaft's linear movement.

Rubber seals can be added to these housings to provide some flexibility and vibration dampening. Matching seals and bearings are available and listed in other categories on this site. If you need assistance in matching your bearings, brackets and seals, Simply Bearings' personnel are always on hand to offer our expertise in this area.

2 bolt pressed steel housing units are usually identified by codes that tie in easily with the matching bearings. Codes are usually based upon the outer diameter of the bearing insert or the corresponding inner diameter of the housing. As a rule of thumb only, the third digit of oval housing codes offers an approximate guide to this diameter, for example a 206 is 62mm, and a 205 is 52mm. However a 203 is 40mm and a 208 is only 80mm, so care should be taken to confirm the correct match by other means. In other housing types the codes are formed on other measurements.

Bearings and housings are also available in imperial instead of metric size ranges.

Simply Bearings only stock products from the top quality manufacturers. They can handle outdoor conditions, shock loads and attrition from impact and chemical attack. Most bearing inserts require regular greasing, although extra low friction types for applications where oil and grease are unacceptable or hard to apply can be fitted. These types of housing assembly are easy to fit and you can replace your 2 bolt pressed steel housings only or the bearing inserts separately at low cost if it becomes necessary.

They are ready for same day dispatch and we offer free shipping within the UK and very reasonable rates to all other destinations.


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