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Stainless Parallel Outer Inserts

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Stainless Parallel Outer Inserts

These stainless parallel outer inserts offer robust performance for the most challenging applications, including agricultural use. On farms or agricultural units, machinery has to stand up to rain, dust, dirt, soil contamination and other factors. It may be unused for months, then used day and night for a fortnight. The bearings need to be able to handle these kinds of demands, so at Simply Bearings we make sure that we carry high-quality brands, as well as an economic choice for less demanding applications.

We offer superb-quality Grub Screw Flatback Steel Parallel Outer Inserts from PEER and PHP. For a cost-effective option, you can also choose EU Budget.

There's a comprehensive range of insert sizes in both metric and imperial. For the inside diameter, metric sizes go from 12mm to 60mm. Imperial sizes range from ? to 2 ?. Outside diameters are all metric, ranging from 40mm to 110mm.

SB or 12--G Series are sealed inserts. When fitted, you can use the grub screws to tighten the bearing against the shaft. Widely used in housed bearings, this insert has a spherical outer diameter, which makes it easy to remove and refit into another housing. The flat back allows you to fit it close to rollers and shafts.

The CSB or 13--G Series Inserts are similar, except that these tend to be used for direct fitting into machine frames because they have both a flat back and a parallel outer diameter.

FHSR202-10, from quality manufacturer Peer, is equivalent to the CSB202-10 and SB.205-10. This is an ideal choice for housed inserts because it's easy to remove from the housing when you need to fit a replacement. It's a Cylindrical Outer Flat Back Bearing Insert with Set Screw Locking. This insert has a standard load capacity and is made up of a narrow inside ring and cylindrical outside ring. The RST seal means that the insert can deal with tight riding with full cover and metal shroud seals.

Other stainless parallel outer inserts are ideal for use when replacement inserts need to be fitted quickly and easily are the RHP 1300 Series, which feature two grub screws 120 degrees apart. They also have a parallel outer race.

If you're not sure which insert to use, just give our friendly and knowledgeable phone team a ring and they'll help you identify the correct product. And if there are any problems, our no-quibble returns policy means that you won't lose out.


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