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FRAS XPZ Cogged Section Anti Static Fire Resistant Wrapped V-Belts 10mm x 8mm

Fire Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) components are designed for safe use in potentially hazardous environments where there are fire or explosive risks (from airborne dust for example). FRAS belts are fireproofed and will not build up static even if there is slippage.

All our belts comply with BS-3790 standards for drive belts, and FRAS belts are additionally ATEX compliant. ATEX covers the EU directives that establish standards for fire and static electricity safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Cogged belts have transverse ribs that make more contact with the teeth of the pulley and so transmit more power for a given width, making them ideal for heavy duty applications. The XPZ section is a standard profile defined by a width of 10mm and a height of 8mm, with teeth set at 36 degrees. Lengths range from under 30cm to over 3 metres, but the recommended minimum pulley diameter for an XPZ belt is 56mm.

Improved heat resistance can also be an asset if machinery runs its belts intensively to the limit of their recommended tolerances. FRAS rated V-belts may have an upper tolerance between 100 and 130° centigrade, compared to 70 to 100° centigrade for most conventional belts. Such belts may be an asset in heavy duty continuously running applications, for their intrinsic heat resistance as well as for safety reasons. FRAS XPZ cogged section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts often handle power transmission up to 750kw, compared to the 500-600kw ratings of conventional V-belts.

Cogged profiles and FRAS enhanced materials allow these belts to transmit more power for a given width. Another possible application is therefore to allow pulley systems to be designed into smaller spaces, or for whole machines to be made smaller. Even working on short centres and small diameters, they still offer excellent shock absorbance, protecting other components in the system.

FRAS XPZ cogged section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts have few disadvantages, but it's important to apply correct tensioning. Because they are built to resist almost all stretching, over tight fitting could cause bowing of the profile and this would actually reduce contact area with the sheave. It could also increase wear to shafts, bushings or bearings. Conversely, to avoid slackness, ensure the ribs of the belt are fully located in the grooves of the system's pulleys before finalising belt tension.

FRAS belts are available in a variety of standard profiles, both V series and wedge, and with varying widths and lengths, and in banded variants. For example, we can supply in other profiles such as XPA (13x10), XPB (17x14), or XPC (22x18). Call us if you don't see the one you need: we are always happy to identify and locate your precise requirements. Buy online for fast dispatch and our no quibble guarantee.


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