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Take Up Units

Take up units are used to house bearings, particularly in applications where conveyor rollers need tensioning, or for elevator pulleys.

The units have a completely sealed bearing insert that is fitted into the slotted take up housing. The housing has a grease nipple for easy re-lubrication. The bearing insert is held in place by two grub screws, which allow you to tighten it against the shaft once it is fitted.

The inserts are available separately and can be taken out of the housings if they need replacing in future, which makes these units very cost effective for long-term use.

Our units are available in three different materials: cast iron, stainless steel and a thermoplastic / stainless steel combination.

We stock cast iron take up units from SKF, RHP and EU Budget. 12mm is the smallest metric bore size and 100mm is the largest standard metric bore, although a slightly larger one is available in the equivalent imperial sizes. These go from ? to 4. Both are available in UCT or ST series.

The stainless steel take up units are SSUCT or ST Series. They are approved for food safety applications and are extremely durable and strong.

There is a fully sealed stainless steel insert that fits into a stainless steel housing. Note that if you're using these bearings in a marine setting, they will corrode eventually, so you are advised to cover them with a grease-type protective layer if possible. The bearings are made of a hard form of stainless steel (such as 440), so there will be an attraction to magnets. If you need non-magnetic take up units, they are available; please call the help line and we'll discuss your requirement.

The thermoplastic/stainless steel units are also food safe approved. They have a stainless steel bearing insert that is fully sealed and fitted into the plastic housing. The housing has anti-crush stainless steel inserts that are pre-fitted into the bolt holes. As with the stainless steel inserts, you need to cover these with a grease-like layer to avoid corrosion in a marine environment.

Talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff for more information about these units, and buy with confidence in the knowledge that you are protected by Simply Bearings' reliable delivery and no-quibble returns policy.


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