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Toothed Belts

Despite our name, at Simply Bearings we don't only sell bearings. We can offer our customers a wide selection of related items too, including a range of belts for various uses. In modern machinery toothed belts, in conjunction with matching pulleys and sprockets, are commonly used for power transmission and other tasks. Belts can be found in industrial machinery, engines, electrical devices such as printers and copiers and many more everyday devices. In one-off situations the flexibility and versatility of belts make it possible to design custom solutions to engineering tasks effectively and at reasonable cost.

Using toothed drive belts allows you to cope with specialist requirements, including the use of fast belt speeds, small pulleys and tensioned rollers. The drive belts we supply are available with either rounded or wedge tooth profiles, and they come in a range of different sizes and pitches (the distance between the teeth), making them a versatile choice with lots of possible uses. Belts are capable of operating across a wide temperature spectrum and require no lubrication or maintenance, allowing for reliable long-term operation.

Using toothed belts also ensures synchronised drive for machinery and offers resistance to deformation and fatigue. Used in place of chains or gears, belts provide lower noise levels and a reduced need for lubrication.

Another common use for belts is the toothed conveyor belt; these are employed in a wide variety of material-handling situations. As with toothed drive belts, they offer a reliable and low-maintenance solution to moving items around in manufacturing and distribution environments.

At Simply Bearings we can supply a number of different belts from major brands, including SKF, Continental, Good Year and Megadyne. We can fulfil large or small orders from customers at home in the UK or around the world. We offer a choice of shipping by post or by courier, so you can get your belts when you need them. If you need help ordering, you can give our experienced and friendly customer services team a call and they'll be glad to help. You can buy with confidence thanks to our no-quibble money-back guarantee.


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