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Engineering Parts

Buying engineering parts online can sometimes seem like a bit of a gamble. At Simply Bearings we understand that the quality of every individual component, no matter how small, is crucial to the overall success of any project you undertake and we stock professional-quality engineering parts across all our product categories. Sourced from the leading brands, our buying power and huge stock capacity allows us to offer great value deals across our entire range. In addition to high-quality goods and great customer service, you also benefit from free UK shipping when you order from us.

Commonly used to secure bearings on parts that need to turn, pivot or spin, circlips are used in pistons, turbines and internal combustion engines, among many other applications. We stock a huge range of spring steel and stainless steel circlips for both internal and external use. In all models, lugs with holes facilitate the rapid fitting or removal using circlip pliers.

If you are looking for radial fitted circlips designed for use with grooved shafts, our range of carbon spring steel e clips is ideal. Suitable for a wide range of engineering applications, the design of e clips allows them to provide a retaining shoulder even in cases where the diameter of the shaft is relatively small.

For applications that require a more secure form of retention, we stock a wide range of shaft collars. Available in various sizes, they can be used in numerous plant, agricultural and automotive applications to keep bearings in place. Choose from stainless steel collars or collars made from strong galvanised steel and plated with zinc to provide resistance to corrosion. All models feature integrated grub screws.

Our range of zinc plated split pins are available in pack sizes ranging from two to 150, making it easy to purchase the right quantity for your needs. Popular uses include everything from securing bearing lock nuts on shafts to retaining ramps on trailers. Split pins are ideal for instances where items need to be secured on a temporary basis and, thanks to being re-useable, are extremely cost effective. Highly resistant to corrosion, every split pin in our range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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