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Multi Ribbed Poly V Belts

V belts are commonly used to connect two or more shafts and are tensioned to create friction between the shaft and the belt. The turning of the drive pulley means the belt transmits power to the driven pulley. Multi-ribbed belts can be used in place of multiple single belts, offering simpler installation and greater reliability.

There are many advantages to using multi ribbed poly V belts: they're able to absorb shock and vibration, no lubrication is needed and the installation tolerances are less exact than other types. In the event of overloading or a jam, the belt will slip rather than break. V belts can handle high loads and speeds, and they can also be used to adjust speeds up or down by means of pulley ratios.

At Simply Bearings our replacement poly V belt range is available in J, K, L and M sections with a range of depths and pitches, making them suitable for many industrial and machinery applications. Multi ribbed poly V belts blend the convenience of a one-piece belt with the grip of multiple belts. Because it's a single unit, there's no risk of having the problems you can get with multiple belts, such as slippage and snagging. On the other side of the coin, multi-ribbed belts can lead to greater wear on pulleys and bearings.

A thinner profile also means that poly V belts can be used with smaller pulleys than standard V belts. They can cope with speed ratios of up to 40:1 and will track properly with no need for deep grooves or special guides and flanges. They're also resistant to heat, oil and abrasion, making them suitable for applications in industry, materials handling and agricultural equipment.

If you need a replacement poly V belt, here at Simply Bearings we can supply most common types and sizes. If you need help, our friendly and professional customer service team are available to help you. Our no-quibble money-back guarantee also means you're able to order with confidence. We can ship by post or courier if you need your order fast, and are happy to supply customers in the UK and around the globe.


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