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Circlip, Snap Rings & Tools

If you're looking for a wide range of products or tools for many engineering or DIY applications, Simply Bearings has an enviable reputation for supplying everything that you might need. In particular, if you require circlips or circlip tools, we certainly won't disappoint.

Whether you need internal or external circlips, these handy rings used for operations that require a turning or spinning component are available in a wide variety of options, affording you great precision for your specific application. As well as being able to choose stainless steel or spring steel, you also have a huge choice of sizes at your disposal. Our handy drop-down menus let you ponder over internal circlips between 8mm and 300mm, or external ones ranging from between 3mm and 240mm in diameter.

When you're fitting a circlip to a machine, engine or other mechanical part to ensure effective rotation or spinning, you will need the right circlip tools to assist in this endeavour. At Simply Bearings, we also stock a variety of internal and external circlip pliers, in different sizes, that will enable you to quickly and efficiently complete the task in hand. Once again, our invaluable drop-down menus can help guide you in the right direction to ensure you purchase exactly the right circlip tools you need.

One type of circlip that doesn't require the use of circlip tools for fitting is the e clip. At Simply Bearings, we are proud of our enviable reputation for stocking an extensive range of quality e clips, so you have come to the right place if e clip shopping is top of your agenda. Easy to fit into place and convenient for a wide range of applications that enable parts or gears to be held in place on a shaft, our e clips are available in sizes ranging from 1.2mm right up to 24mm.

Another popular type of circlip that you can purchase through our online store is the snap ring. Also known as a c-clip, snap rings are a must-have if you demand precision movement. Commonly used in industries such as printing, food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, our snap rings are high-quality and durable and are also available in a huge range of sizes.

Whatever your circlip and circlip tool requirements, at Simply Bearings you'll find our one-stop shop a pleasure to browse. With user-friendly features and information, selecting what you require is easy, and our competitive prices also make the shopping experience even more worthwhile. With free delivery on UK orders and speedy dispatch, you'll be the proud owner of our circlip products in next to no time.


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