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Car Maintenance Adhesives

Simply Bearings' selection of products is not limited to parts and components, as we also offer adhesives of all kinds. Our car maintenance adhesives are competitively priced to help customers from around the world to save money on their next order.

We stock products from major brands, including CarPlan adhesives. These are recognised as being amongst the best on the market today. Varieties such as Powerbond super glue and Powerbond silicone sealer are available, allowing you to take on any automotive maintenance task and achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

Car maintenance adhesives are either intended to act as an all-purpose solution for bonding one surface with another or designed with more specific deployments in mind. The universal super glue we offer can help rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics and even leather to adhere, making it perfect for all sorts of internal and external auto repair work. We also sell thread locking glue designed to ensure that bolts and screws remain tightly sealed rather than becoming looser over time as vibrations course through them.

Our car maintenance adhesives category also includes silicone sealers, which can be applied to create a watertight protective layer that is ideal for insulating electronic components against adverse weather conditions. These sealants are durable, flexible and widely used by customers who need a permanent solution to common repair problems.

When browsing our range of adhesives, you can use the drop down menus to narrow your search based on the size of the pack you wish to buy, the type of adhesive in question and the brand. You can also adjust the quantity of each product you wish to order and even alter the currency in which the price is displayed if you are an international customer.

Standard UK delivery is free for all orders and we also offer express delivery options for British buyers; meanwhile, our overseas shipping is always a low cost option if you live elsewhere in the world. With our 100% refund guarantee, buying with Simply Bearings is always a smooth, hassle-free process that will enable you to get your hands on top quality adhesives.


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