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  • SKF 729101B Oil Injector Kit 300 MPa (43 500 psi)
SKF 729101B Oil Injector Kit 300 MPa (43 500 psi)
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SKF 729101B Oil Injector Kit 300 MPa (43 500 psi)

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SKF Oil Injection Kit 729101 Series: The oil injection kits contain an oil injector, 226400 E series, complete with high pressure pipe, pressure gauge, adapter block and a range of connection nipples all packed together in a sturdy plastic carrying case.
Benefits: Complete high–pressure kits, including oil injector, pressure gauge, 2,0 m high–pressure pipe and a range of connection nipples.
Note: Oil container capacity 200 cm3
Brand / Quality: SKF - High Quality
Oil Injector
Adapter Block
Pressure Gauge
High Pressure PipeG 3/4-1/4
227957 A
Connection Nipple G1/4-1/8
1014357 A
Connection Nipple G1/4-1/2
1016402 E
Connection Nipple G1/4-3/4
228027 E
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  • Robert Finger, United kingdom 10/08/2018

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    Very good help in ordering the right part. Tope quality as expected by SKF. Delivered promptly.

  • Jasper Lutz, United Kingdom 25/01/2018

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    Wonderful service and super fast delivery

  • Chris Fersa, United kingdom 12/10/2017

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    thank you very much for this - great quality and even better customer service

  • Rishi Gill, United Kingdom 14/06/2017

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    easy to use site

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SKF 729101B Oil Injector Kit 300 MPa (43 500 psi)

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