• 1.8x33mm Bright Zinc Plated Spring Grip Clips
1.8x33mm Bright Zinc Plated Spring Grip Clips
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1.8x33mm Bright Zinc Plated Spring Grip Clips

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Bright zinc plated spring steel grip clips: Made from bright zinc plated spring steel these clips are ideally suited to both indoor or outdoor applications. Can be used for applications such as securing bearing lock nuts on shafts, tailboard / ramp retention on trailers, through round bar location and many other instances where are none permanent method of securing an item is required
Benefits: Inexpensive, re-useable

Brand / Quality: Simply Spring Clips - Economy Quality
Outside Diameter: 1.8mm
Length: 33mm
Approx Diameter
Approx Length

  • Blaze Dale, United Kingdom 05/01/2018

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    Great product, great packaging, great service!

  • Jayden Melvin, United Kingdom 16/02/2017

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    Really pleased with the quality of goods. The items were well packaged and delivered swiftly.

  • Liam Memphis, United Kingdom 30/06/2015

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    Very good quality, very nice packaged, Thanks again.

  • Chad Burt, United Kingdom 16/06/2015

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    ace stuff, collected from your trade counter as i live locally. as always your staff are friendly and up for a laugh. cheap prices, friendly staff, good quality products. keep up the good work

  • Robert Cocks, United kingdom 18/05/2015

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    My order was small, but communication was good, and the end to end process which resulted in delivery within 24 hours was excellent. Quality check were also recorded. First class

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1.8x33mm Bright Zinc Plated Spring Grip Clips

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