• External Circlip 15mm Diameter Un-Sprung Dia 13.8mm
External Circlip 15mm Diameter Un-Sprung Dia 13.8mm
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External Circlip 15mm Diameter Un-Sprung Dia 13.8mm

Equivalent to: D1400-015
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External Circlips: The most common form of axially fitted circlips for shafts with grooves.
The circlip has a large free diameter and gap width, consequently it fits more tightly into the groove and provides higher and more uniform thrust load capacity. Lugs with holes are provided for rapid fitting or removal with circlip pliers.
Standard material: Carbon Spring Steel - Standard Finish: Phosphate and Oil
Benefits: Cost effective replacement, durable, removable.
Brand / Quality: Simply Circlips - Economy Quality
Inside Diameter: 15mm
Thickness s
1.00 mm
Thickness tolerance
- 0.06
Unstressed diameter d3
Unstressed diameter tolerance
+ 0.10 / - 0.36
Lug a
3.6 mm
Beam b
2.2 mm
1.7 mm
0.670 g
Groove dia
14.3 mm
Groove tolerance
- 0.11
Minimum groove width
1.10 mm
Groove depth
0.35 mm
Schematic External Circlips

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External Circlip 15mm Diameter Un-Sprung Dia 13.8mm

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