• 7mm Groove Diameter E-Clip
7mm Groove Diameter E-Clip
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7mm Groove Diameter E-Clip

Equivalent to: D1500-0070
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E-Clips: The most common form of radial fitted circlips for shafts with grooves, provides a retaining shoulder on a relatively small shaft diameter. Standard material: Carbon Spring Steel - Standard Finish: Phosphate and Oil.
Note: The groove size is critical with this type of circlip, the shaft diameter can be varied widely. Please see technical tab for more information. The size of clip stated denotes the diameter of the groove into which it fits.
Benefits: Cost effective replacement, durable, removable.

Brand / Quality: Simply E-Clips - Economy Quality
Inside Diameter: 7mm
Clip size
Groove diameter d2
7.0mm Tolerance - 0.090 mm
Shaft sizes from
8mm to 11mm
Clip thickness S
0.9mm ┬▒ 0.02 mm
Max od d4
0.474 g
Minimum groove width m
0.94 mm
Min shoulder length n
Min from end of shaft g
Max fling off speed
22000 rpm
E-Clip Dimesnions and Selection

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    E-clips came exactly as described, correct sizes, in separate bags and labelled.

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7mm Groove Diameter E-Clip

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