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  • Brit-Lube Bentone M High Temperature Grease 400g -30C to +270C
Brit-Lube Bentone M High Temperature Grease 400g -30C to +270C
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Brit-Lube Bentone M High Temperature Grease 400g -30C to +270C

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  • Wide operating Temp : -30deg C to + 270 deg C
  • Long Lasting at High Temperatures
  • High Load Carrying
  • Excellent Adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Reduces Noise & Vibration


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Bentone (M): Superior High Performance Non-Melting Grease designed to provide excellent load carrying & high temperature properties.
Bentone (M) is a synthetic non-melting grease designed to operate in extreme conditions including high temperatures, load, and harsh environments.
Bentone (M) is fortified with MoS2 to further increase load resistance and reduce friction and is further enhanced with high-performance tackifier additives enabling the grease to withstand heavy impacts, pounding pressure, and allowing it to stay in place without spattering out.
Typical Applications: Ideal for all bearings operating at high temperatures and varying speeds, e.g. Oven Bearings, Kiln Car Bearings, Stentors, Glass & Ceramic Applications, Foundaries, Steel Works etc.

Features and Benefits: Wide operating temp: -30?C to + 270?C. Long Lasting at High Temperatures, High load carrying capacity, Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, Reduces Noise & Vibration

Method of Application: Bentone (M) can be applied via a standard 400-gram grease cartridge, Mastic Cartridge, or via an automatic lubrication system capable of pumping an MLGI. Grade 2 grease.

Benefits: None melting, high adhesive cling, wide temp range

Brand / Quality: Brit-Lube - High Quality
Bottle Size: 400ml
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Brit-Lube Bentone M High Temperature Grease 400g -30C to +270C

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