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Cam Followers

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Cam Follower Bearings

As one of the largest online suppliers of bearings in the UK, at Simply Bearings we offer a wide range of bearings and related products to suit a variety of different needs across many industries. We're happy to supply both small or large orders from buyers in the UK and overseas.

Cam followers are a specialised type of roller or needle bearing designed to follow cam lobes, and they come in many different types. They have a solid threaded pin, or stud, that means they can be attached to machine components easily. They have a hex head or slot in the top to facilitate installation. Internal design varies, which makes cam followers suitable for use in different applications. They're employed in a wide range of applications, from food and pharmaceuticals through packaging and counting equipment to heavy use such as in cranes, lifts and agricultural machinery.

We stock a choice of cam followers in a range of metric and imperial sizes, with a choice of slotted or hex heads. We can supply budget options or those from major manufacturers, including IKO, SKF, Carter and Torrington. Some types come containing a lithium-based grease that aids corrosion resistance and ensures the bearings can operate over a wide temperature range from 0 F to 250 F. They're sealed to retain the lubrication and keep out contaminants.

Cam follower roller bearings can be supplied with an eccentric stud for use where holding a close tolerance in the mounting hole is required. These are often used in roller and track applications where resistance to moderate loads and shock is required due to variations in alignment.

At Simply Bearings we're happy to offer discounts for larger orders, and standard delivery in the UK is free of charge. If you need a quote for faster delivery or overseas shipping options, give our team a call. If you require advice on what to order, our experts are also available to help. Remember that we don't just stock bearings: we can supply all of the tools and lubricants you need to work with them too, making us a one-stop location for all your needs.


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