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V-Ring Seals - Nitrile V-Ring Seals - Viton V-Ring Seals


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V-Ring Seals

V-Ring seals are solid seals, almost always made from rubber, that are used on shafts in order to prevent moisture, dirt, and other detritus from penetrating oil seals or housings. They are able to keep these damaging elements away from the vitally important sealing faces of oil seals and other components prolonging their service life.

V-Ring seals provide effective protection against contamination, reduce seal wear, and extend the service life of the oil seal. They are inexpensive, durable, and flexible.

We are one of the UKs leading suppliers of seals and bearings, and we stock a range of V-Ring Seals. We stock V-Ring Seals made from two different types of rubber: Nitrile rubber and Viton rubber.

Nitrile rubber V-Rings are often mounted on rotary shafts. They do not have a rigid steel shell, and they offer good resistance to liquid, grease, oil, and sand. For these reasons, they are widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries and can be found on self-sealing petrol storage tanks and fuel hoses. Being rubber, they can be stretched in order to fit over couplings, bearings, flanges, keys, and other fittings.

These V-Rings have a moulded body and a single conical lip. The V-ring simply rotates with the shaft and placing the lip against the rotary shaft seal, bearing or housing forms the seal. There are three main types of Nitrile rubber V-Ring: A-section (with a rear face that is flat), and S-section (with a conical rear face), and L-section (with a straight back). S-section rings take up more space than A-section variants, whilst L-section V-Rings are much thinner.

Viton Rubber V-Rings are also available. These have no steel shell and can be easily stretched over a variety of fittings. Once again, these are durable, flexible, inexpensive, and can deal with grease, oils, liquids, grit, sand, and more.

As with the Nitrile Rings, Viton Rubber V-Rings are available in A-section, S-section, or L-section options and to fit a variety of different shaft sizes.

It is worth noting that, whilst both Nitrile rubber V-Rings and Viton rubber V-rings are robust, they cannot deal with extremely high temperatures, extreme weather or constant exposure to sunlight or ozone. In those instances, it is worth considering fluorocarbon rubber seals instead.

If you are unsure which product best suits your requirements, why not give our knowledgeable and friendly team a quick call before you place your order? They are always happy to help.


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