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Rotary Shaft Seal Replacement Stainless Steel Springs

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Stainless Steel Springs

Rotary shaft seals. also known as oil seals, play a pivotal role in protecting machinery by preventing corrosives, moisture, abrasives and other harmful material from getting in. The seals squeeze around the rotary shaft and help to keep a layer of lubricant between the shaft and the bearings. They prevent the lubricant from escaping and causing potentially costly and disruptive damage to the machinery.

Rotary shaft seals are used in a whole host of applications across a wide range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing and power transmission. You can find them in machinery such as heavy-duty industrial gearboxes or steel rolling mills. In fact, they are usually vital components in almost every type of machine and vehicle imaginable.

Many rotary shaft seals rely on a special spring acting on the lip seal to help them perform their vital function. To keep machinery in its best possible condition, the springs within a rotary shaft will sometimes need to be replaced. This prevents the rotary shaft from becoming contaminated or damaged. In some arduous environments, in particular where the seal is keeping foreign matter out rather than oils in the equipment it can be advantageous to replace the springs with stainless steel ones to further enhance the lifespan of the seal and equipment.

At Simply Bearings, we offer an impressive choice of replacement springs made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is an excellent choice of material for rotary shaft seal springs because it is long-lasting, durable and has high heat resistance. Our website is easy to use, allowing you to search by brand or size to find the perfect product for your application. We offer a selection of high-quality yet cost-effective options, including some from Stumpp, Schuele and Somappa Springs (SSSPRING). You can choose from a wide variety of thickness measurements, ranging from our thinnest product at 1.5mm up to our thickest spring, which is 3.46mm. Our replacement stainless steel springs also fit a wide array of shaft sizes, ranging from 8mm up to 110mm.

Browse our comprehensive selection online today, with products ordered before 4pm dispatched the same day in the UK. You can also enjoy free delivery on all orders over ?5. If you need help selecting the right rotary shaft seal replacement stainless steel springs, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be happy to help and are only a phone call away.


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