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Universal Greenhouse Parts

It's a good idea to check your greenhouse at least once a year and make a list of the greenhouse parts you need to order. We have a great selection of greenhouse accessories which will keep the glazing in good order and prolong the life of the greenhouse. We also stock handy kits with an assortment of clips, nuts and bolts. And if you need to repair the sliding door, we have nylon wheels which come with the necessary fixings.

Greenhouse Parts for Glazing Maintenance and Repair

Spring-wire glazing clips can be used to renew clips on most aluminium-framed glasshouses, and we have packs of various sizes. For glazing jobs we have packs of lap clips - again in various pack sizes. If you need to make custom lap clips, use our handy bendable aluminium strips.

If you have a number of repair jobs to carry out, it makes sense to order a repair kit. We stock an excellent kit containing different types of glazing clips and both cropped and square-headed aluminium nuts and bolts in one economical pack.

Greenhouse Accessories for Managing the Temperature

While greenhouses are great at retaining heat, it's possible for the temperature to become too high in summer when the sun is directly overhead. Conversely, in winter, you may need to add insulation to prevent too much heat escaping through the glass. Shading and insulation can help manage the temperature, and we can supply packs of fixers that will slot into the glazing bar. Not only will they keep the shading in place, they'll act as a spacer between the glass and the material.

Among the most versatile greenhouse spares are cropped-head nuts and bolts. Our M6x14mm packs have a 1mm pitch and are shaped so that they fit into aluminium glazing bars or can be used for fixing shelves. The square-head version, also available, is used to construct aluminium greenhouses but is equally useful for fixing shelves and other jobs.

Greenhouse Spares for Sliding Door Repair

The nylon wheels on sliding doors can become weathered and misaligned or break completely. We stock packs of either 22 mm or 29mm nylon wheels with the nuts and bolts needed to fix them and get the door sliding smoothly again.

If you don't see what you need, check the relevant product pages because we update our stock frequently. Alternatively, we have a very helpful telephone team who will be happy to answer any query.


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