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Bearing Fitting Kits

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SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit
SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit
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SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit

SKF TMFT36 Bearing Fitting Tool Kit: Its a well known fact that 16 percent of all bearing and oil seal failures could have been avoided by the use of the correct fitting equipment. The [show more]...
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Brand / Quality: SKF - High Quality

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)

Fitting Kits

If you want your bearings and seals to last, you need to use the correct fitting equipment to install them rather than forcing them with the wrong tool and finding they fail later. These superb bearing fitting kits are made by SKF and designed to allow fast precision-mounting of bearings so that the risk of damage is minimised.

With the correct sleeve and impact ring combination, the mounting force is transmitted effectively to the bearing ring, which greatly reduces the risk of the bearing's raceways being damaged. The rolling elements are similarly protected.

And these bearing installation toolkits will do much more than simply mount bearings. They can also be used to mount a diverse range of other components, such as seals, pulleys and bushings. They help you to mount mounting shafts, blind and housing applications much more accurately and quickly.

Each kit has a light carrying case which packs away a dead-blow hammer, 36 impact rings and 3 impact sleeves.

The impact ring diameter exactly fits the outer and inner bearing diameters, and you can use the kit for bearings with bores of 10-55 mm. The impact rings can be used under a press and are marked to make them easy to identify and select.

The impact sleeve has a nice even surface on its body to give a strong grip. The smallness of the impact area on top means that mounting force is transmitted and distributed effectively. However, for those days when nothing goes right and you miss-hit, the sleeve's head has a curved design which tracks the blow away from your hand.

The superb quality of these bearing fitting kits is shown in the impact sleeves and rings, which are designed to last and made of highly impact-resistant material. A click connection between the sleeve and the impact ring gives added durability and stability.

The same attention to detail is evident in the dead-blow hammer. The handle, made of steel, is welded on, and the rubber handgrip gives excellent grip, while the double-side head is made of nylon so that it doesn't damage components. But it still packs a punch on impact, as it's loaded with steel shot.

These bearing installation tool kits are five-star products that will make any workshop or job run more smoothly. And, as always, our prices and delivery options can't be beaten.


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