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£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each


£390.58 each

  • SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit
SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit
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SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit

SKF TMFT36 Bearing Fitting Tool Kit: Its a well known fact that 16 percent of all bearing and oil seal failures could have been avoided by the use of the correct fitting equipment. The fitting tool TMFT 36 is designed for quick, precise and safe mounting of bearings with bore diameters from 10 to 55 mm (0.39 - 2.2 in) with outer diameter ranging from 26 to 120 mm (1.0 - 4.7 in). It can also be used to mount bushings, seal rings, belt pulleys etc.
The fitting tool kit, TMFT 36, contains 36 impact rings, 3 impact sleeves and a dead-blow hammer packed in a carrying case. The impact rings are made of high-impact modified polyamide. The impact sleeves are made of glass fibre reinforced, high-impact modified polyamide, which is super-tough, strong and lightweight. The dead-blow hammer has nylon faces and is steel-shot loaded for maximum impact. The welded-on steel handle, with comfortable rubber grip for good handling, absorbs shock and vibration.
Each impact ring is clearly marked with the ring's designation and shiny dimples indicating the ring's size: 3 dimples for size C, 2 for size B and 1 for size A. The impact ring is fitted on the sleeve by a click connection, which provides stability when the tool is handled and can withstand higher forces (e.g. from a press). The ring design allows the use of a press instead of the sleeve and hammer. All rings are placed in upright position in the carrying case, allowing easy selection. The sleeve heads are designed for maximum effective force transmission by having a small impact area. The curved design of the sleeve's head diverts the blow from the user's hand in case of a miss-hit, minimizing the risk of injury. A selection chart is incorporated in the carrying case's lid. Language-free instruction for use booklet is included.
Brand / Quality: SKF - High Quality
SKF Bearing Fitting toolkit TMFS Series

  • Nickolas Cameron, United Kingdom 22/02/2017

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Great quality and arrived quickly too ... thanks

  • Justin Edgar, United Kingdom 31/10/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Goes without saying this isn't the cheapest kit in the land but the quality is 100 times better than cheap kits I've had in the past and I'm confident I won't need to buy another unless I lose this one.. Great quality and cheaper than elsewhere I looked thanks

  • Valentin Pitts, United Kingdom 20/10/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Pricey, but deffo worth it! Nice one!!

  • January India, United Kingdom 16/08/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    What a kit! pricey but worth every penny,fantasticly packaged and posted.thanks guys

  • Kathyrn Claudine, United Kingdom 23/06/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Fantastic Quality

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SKF TMFT36 Bearing Installation and Fitting Tool Kit

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Website,range of products, price and very quick delivery.

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les elvin

good quality, delivered on time.

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Easy ordering and fast delivery. Perfect service. Thanks.

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Great product, very good price and fast delivery.

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I spoke to a very nice lady on the phone plus she knew what she was talking about and gave me all the information about the product very good indeed we would do business again in the future

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An extremely pleasant lady dealt with my enquiry and order. The round snap rings arrived the next day. Well done, very well done. Others take note.

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website easy to navigate. drive belt good quality and value and dispatch was quick

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Cameron frew,I have no connection what so ever and can confirm this is a true and accurate review of

Ordered bearing at 4.45pm and had it in my hand at 1pm next day in Ayrshire west of Scotland,paid extra for next day delivery and even with this additional cost it was by far the cheapest I could source,fantastic service from this company and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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Brilliant service, ordered it around 1600 and it came in the post next morning. I don't normally do reviews but in your case I'll make an exception as I think your staff deserve credit. Peter Jackson

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Everything arrived on time and as promised - thank you

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Quick, good quality, excellent service, thanks would us again deffinately

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Always have what i need, always posted quickly and always at a good price.

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They make things simple.

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Very fast delivery, great quality at a great price. Very easy to use web site with lots of relevent info.

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Able to supply none standard size O rings for several refurbishment projects has been a life saver on more than one occasion together with a super fast delivery service.

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Excellent service fast delivery good price

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Fast delivery and competitive pricing for a quality product.

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Top service

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good reliable fast and efficient service

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