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Cycle Maintenance Products

We have a great range of bike maintenance products to help you service and repair your own bike.

Puncture Kits, Repairs and Prevention

Punctures are always a nuisance, occurring in the least convenient locations. However, go prepared with bicycle repair equipment in the form of one of our puncture kits and you should at least be able to get home. We stock Weldtite kits for a wide range of tyres, including fat tyres and those with no inner tube. Also Cure-c-Cure premium quality kits to repair punctures in narrow profile tyres.

Some of the patch repair kits include tyre levers and/or spanners - handy if you have to do the job while out on the road. If you're going on a long trip, or off on a cycling holiday, the travel kits have everything you need in the way of bicycle repair equipment to maintain your bike on the road, including relubrication.

If you have a puncture repair or travel kit but want to restock it, we have a great range of adhesives and patches.

So how to prevent punctures? Dr. Sludge is a legend among bike maintenance products. It can be used with both Schrader and Presta inner tubes. It seals the inner tube and prevents punctures.

We also have a range of caps for tyre valves, along with valve removal tools. Tyre levers are among the most used cycle maintenance products and we have them in chrome plated metal, lightweight polymer and glass nylon.

Inflating Tyres

Gas canisters are the fastest way to inflate tyres, and in time-critical events, they can make all the difference. Obviously, they have to have special delivery as they contain compressed gas. We sell the inflater holding tool as well.

Lubricants and Rust Remover

Lubricant is a key item among cycle maintenance products and we stock an excellent range. Lithium grease has great lubricity, is easy to apply, slows down corrosion and is brilliant at repelling water. Xtreme Chain Lube is a high-tech formula used by cyclists who are serious off roaders or long distance riders. It bonds to metal surfaces and is highly resistant to water and dirt.

Fork and suspension oil is one of the bike maintenance products that comes in a race formulation. This delivers consistent dampening even in extreme temperatures. High quality brake fluids ensure that the brakes deliver optimum performance. TF2 lubricant is a hydrocarbon mineral oil, used on pedals, chains, links, bearings and cables.

Rust remover aerosol will remove any rust on the bike, without taking off paintwork.


We stock standard steel derailleur rear axles, Cyclo chrome molybdenum steel axles in a range of sizes and hollow quick release axles. You can also buy these in a set containing lithium grease and hub cages. We also have lightweight quick release skewers and a Cyclo vice for holding pedals or hub axles.


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