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SNL and SE Plummer Block Seals

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SNL & SE Plummer Block Seals

SE and SNL plummer block housings and seals can be ordered through Simply Bearings in a range of different designs to ensure you get the right seal solution for your needs. The type of seal you require will depend on the size of the housing, and it is essential that you choose the one that has the appropriate characteristics for your requirements.

There are guidelines as to which is the most suitable option in specific instances, but the most effective way is simply to test out the seal once it's been fitted.

SE and SNL plummer block seals are available as four-lip and v-ring seal versions, according to the features you need for your particular setting. A four-lip seal creates a more effective seal than the original double-lip models and produces less friction, which allows the shaft to generate higher speeds.

V-ring SNL and SE plummer block seals are manufactured using a sheet steel sealing washer that has a vulcanised rubber lip and a v-ring. The rubber lip is fitted within the seal groove of the housing and helps to protect the washer from corrosion. They can be used in environments that range from temperatures of -40 C up to +100 C.

Both the SE and SNL plummer block seals are manufactured to the highest quality to provide you with the reassurance that they will create an efficient seal and maintain the effectiveness of your equipment. All of our products come from leading manufacturers who understand the importance of providing durable and reliable parts.

At Simply Bearings we aim to keep the prices of all our parts, including the SE plummer block seals, as cost-effective as possible without impacting on the quality of the goods. It also works out cheaper to order in bulk, and all of our bearings and housings come with price breaks for larger quantities.

Even with our commitment to the quality of our SE and SNL plummer block seals, there may be circumstances where the goods you receive are not right or you've ordered the incorrect size. However, it's quick and easy to return the products to us and, with our 90-day 100% refund guarantee, we will be happy to refund you the price.

Choosing the most effective seals and housings for your requirements in the right size is straight forward using the drop-down menus to filter the results. If you have any issues or need assistance, our customer service team are available.


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