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O-Ring Lubricants

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Oil Seal and O-Ring Lubricant

Oil seal and O-ring lubricants come in a range of options and can be used for a number of different applications, where parts are subject to levels of friction. They create a barrier to prevent water getting in. At Simply Bearings, we have a wide stock of lubricants, so you can quickly and easily find the particular product that you require.

We work with many of the industry's leading manufacturers, such as Super-Lube and Carlube, so our customers can have peace of mind that they're buying some of the best products on the market, at cost effective prices. Alongside these fantastic products, we offer a great value and efficient delivery service, so your order reaches you as quickly and as cheaply as possible, at a time to suit you, and at the best possible price.

An oil seal lubricant is often manufactured from silicone to offer excellent resistance to high temperatures and to provide protection from water damage or corrosion, so that your seals continue to provide you with excellent barrier properties. These silicone lubricants reduce friction and give you long-lasting protection that traditional grease lubricants cannot compete with.

You can use an oil seal lubricant to protect a range of rubber and plastic elements, where they are subjected to a large amount of friction, including brake pads, clutch and brake cables, spark plug boots and brake callipers. These lubricants allow you to stop annoying squeaks occurring, without the risk of splitting or cracking the rubber.

It's vital that all O-ring seals have some form of lubrication for effective installation and when moving during operation, which is where O-ring lubricants are beneficial. When these are used during installation, the O-ring is protected from damage that could be caused by abrasion, cutting or pinching.

O-ring lubricants are essential within pneumatic applications and provide benefits in a number of settings, such as within vacuum applications, where O-ring lubricants reduce the amount of leakage and help to extend the life of a seal.

If you're searching for the right O-ring or oil seal lubricant for your application, then you only need to visit Simply Bearings and we can cover all of your requirements. Full details of all the lubricant products we have available can be found on the individual product pages or you can contact us for assistance.


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