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OEM Lawn & Garden Belts

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Kevlar Mower Belts: Wrapped V-Belts with a coloured dry cotton cover, the belts have a large diameter of ARAMID (Kevlar) cords, impregnated with special compound which eliminates the need for re-tensioning and offers
High Tensile Strength along with non-extensibility and a high resistance to shock loads.
The belts are covered with a double wrap of special fabric to ensure high resistance to wear and tear and reduced slippage while clutching.
Manufactured as part of an extensive range of specially constructed belts tested and approved to suit many OEM specific applications with attractive aesthetic qualities – coloured “dry cotton”- type wrap is synonymous with the belts used by major quality OEM machine manufacturers.
Belt Characteristics:
Able to withstand a high level of reverse flexing - usually associated with “serpentine” drives, and external idler placement - High resistance to oil, heat and cracking.
Available in standard sections – 3L, 4L and 5L sections.


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