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Puncture Repair Patches

There is nothing worse than getting a flat tyre, but with a wide range of inner tube puncture repair patches available right here at Simply Bearings, you can get back on the road quickly and affordably.

We offer a wide range of puncture repair patches from leading brands, including Weldtite and Cure-c-Cure, so you can rely on our products to work as expected and last a long time once they have been used to fix a compromised tyre.

Although the repair products we offer come in a variety of sizes and are intended for different inner tube types, the one thing which unites them all is that they will be able to create an airtight seal over a perforation and allow you to re-inflate the tyre without having to buy any other expensive replacement parts.

We sell self-sealing repair patches at Simply Bearings which come preloaded with their own adhesive, and this makes them especially simple to use. We also offer a range of all-purpose rubber repair patch sheets which are ready to be cut down to whatever size or shape you require, giving you even more flexibility if the problem you face is out of the ordinary.

Some of these products are built for specific uses in mind, including the repair of inner tubes used on road racing bikes. There are also others which are up to the standards required for use in automotive tyres, so because of all these differences it is sensible to read the product descriptions carefully and make your decision in an informed manner.

Another reason to check the specifications carefully is that when it comes to the patches themselves, there are usually differences in the thickness of the material and the outside diameter which will further determine the type of puncture which they can be used to fix.

Whenever you buy inner tube puncture repair patches from Simply Bearings, or choose from our wide range of other tools and products, you can enjoy free UK delivery. Alternatively, we have express delivery available nationwide, as well as international shipping for our customers in other countries.

The more patches you buy, the more you can save with our bulk-purchase incentives. If you just want a single kit, then we will happily help you with your order and our aforementioned free delivery offer still applies as long as you want the items you buy to be sent to a British address.


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