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GMC FL289 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line 1.5mm, 2x5m
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GMC FL289 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line 1.5mm, 2x5m

Equivalent to: Suitable for the following GMC models: LT600

Strimmer Spool Accessories: A wide range of strimmer accessories to help maintain your grass strimmer, spools of strimmer line available in varying thicknesses to achieve the perfect cut. Head [show more]...

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Brand / Quality: GMC
Length: 2x5m
Thickness: 1.5mm

GMC Strimmer Parts

GMC is a relatively new company. It was founded in Australia just over 20 years ago; however, it has rapidly established a reputation for innovative, high-quality tools and has experienced dynamic growth across the world. Its power tools feature contemporary designs and great new features, with its strimmers no exception.

Range of strimmer parts

We stock a range of their strimmer parts, including GMC strimmer spools and GMC strimmer cutting lines. You can buy head assemblies in addition to the spool and line, and a range of spool accessories such as spool holder kits, retaining bolts and covers.

It is worth having spare GMC strimmer parts to hand if you use your strimmer a lot. There are few things more frustrating than waiting for a sunny day to do the strimming, only to find that the line breaks after a few minutes and you don't have a spare. We offer great discounts if you buy several at a time, so consider stocking up next time you order.

Cutting brush, undergrowth and heavy weeds will require the thickest line, while normal garden trimming can be completed with a thinner line; however, any kind of strimming can cause bits of twig, bush, bramble, nettle and stalk to fly about. If one of these hits you in the eye, you can sustain a significant eye injury; therefore, it is definitely worth looking at our range of outdoor safety equipment. You will find several useful safety items in the garden section, including safety glasses, full face visors, and high-grip gloves to keep a safe grip on the tool when strimming.


The FL289 features two 1.5m GMC strimmer cutting lines suitable for the LT600 series. The line width is 1.5mm, which is suitable for most garden jobs. You will find this width of line makes short work of edging and trimming jobs, especially cutting around trees, heavy garden furniture, borders, and garden ornaments.

If you need your replacement GMC strimmer spools or other parts urgently, we can arrange same day delivery or guaranteed next day delivery - just give us a ring to arrange. Otherwise, our normal delivery is super-reliable and fast. Overseas delivery of GMC strimmer parts is also no problem - just enter your delivery address at the checkout stage and you will see how much the delivery will cost. This is all part of the Simply Bearings service - we want to make your purchase as simple, quick and efficient as possible.


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