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  • SAMOX / NBK 1905317 Rubber Sealed Max Type Deep Groove Bearing 19.05x31x7mm
SAMOX / NBK 1905317 Rubber Sealed Max Type Deep Groove Bearing 19.05x31x7mm
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SAMOX / NBK 1905317 Rubber Sealed Max Type Deep Groove Bearing 19.05x31x7mm

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Equivalent to: 1905317RS2SAMOX 19053172RS2SAMOX 6809LBBMAX 6809LBB 1905317RS2 19053172RS2

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SAMOX Max Type Rubber Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings: These types are manufactured with rubber seals inserted into the outer raceway and in contact with the inner race providing protection against the ingress of moisture, dust and other foreign matter and serve to retain the pre-filled grease in the bearing.

MAX Type bearings have no cage and a filling slot for the balls. MAX stands for Maximum Balls possible in the bearing which is achieved by using the filling slot to insert the balls, the balls are effectively next to each other.

They generally have a 35% more load capacity than caged bearings. MAX bearings do not spin as smoothly as the cage bearings and should in general be used for suspension pivots or problem areas where standard bearings wear out prematurely.

Static Load capacities are limits well before deformation of the bearing and are conservative.

Always install bearings by pressing on the outer race only into a housing with a fixture that is a close match to its diameter, never knock bearings into their housings with a hammer - premature bearing failure will occur from knocking bearings into housings. With max type bearings in application like suspension pivots try to position the filling slot at 90 degrees to the loading direction where practical.

Seals can be easily removed for applications that only require 1 seal.
Benefits: Prevents moisture and dirt getting into the bearing, lubricated for life, maximum load capacity

Note: These bearings may feature 'C3' on the box, this is not in reference to internal clearance and is a manufacturer code.
Brand / Quality: SAMOX/NBK - Economy Quality
Inside Diameter: 19.05mm = 3/4 inch
Outside Diameter: 31mm
Width: 7mm
Seals / Shields: Rubber Sealed
Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Static Load
3.060 kN
37.89 g
No further information available.

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    Heard a lot of good reviews about this company and was definitely not disappointed, great service and great products. Will be recommending.

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    Great quality products at right price arrived next day best on line service I have used. Thank You

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SAMOX / NBK 1905317 Rubber Sealed Max Type Deep Groove Bearing 19.05x31x7mm

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