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Pressed Housings

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Pressed Housings

Pressed can be used to produce cost effective and high quality housing units and at Simply Bearings, we stock housings made of this material in a range of styles. This includes pillow blocks, round, oval and triangular housings that are suitable for use in a number of different applications.

All of these pressed housings can be ordered directly from us and our website has been designed so that it is clear to navigate and simple to select what you need. Your order will be dispatched speedily, so you don't have to worry about waiting a long time to receive the parts.

Our pressed steel pillow block housings provide you with a cost effective housed bearing solution, which is manufactured from galvanised steel. These are designed for use in light and medium duty environments and are capable of being attached to both sheet metal and timber frameworks.

The range of pressed steel housing units also includes round, oval and triangular models, which are produced from the same type of galvanised steel. This gives you a great value and durable construction that keeps the bearing rigid within the housing, once it is in position. The bearing inserts can also be ordered separately and are replaceable if necessary, meaning you don't have to fit a whole new unit.

All of these pressed steel housings can be ordered through our website and the individual categories are easy to search, by selecting the specific inside diameter of the housing you require. This will provide you with only the units that match your needs, so you can quickly select which of the pressed housing units will fit.

We take pride in the quality of all the products we provide and use only leading brands that manufacture a high standard of parts, so that our customers can rely on the goods they are ordering. We have maintained the ISO 9001 standards for over 10 years, which also covers the quality of our customer service and ensures our management systems are correctly monitored, checked and audited.

If there are any problems with the pressed steel housing units you receive, or any of our other products, you can easily return them to us for a full refund, providing that they meet the terms of the 90 day refund guarantee.

We hope that you find everything that you need on the site, but if you have any queries about our range of parts, you can contact one of our customer service team, available during office hours.


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