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Mowers and Hedgecutter Toothed Belts

Simply Bearings is one of the UK's foremost retailers of ball bearings and bearing housings. We don't just stock bearings in our modern warehouse, though. We also carry a wide range of replacement lawnmower belts and other lawnmower parts. As with our bearings, we will deliver these products free to our customers in the UK, and we offer our international customers competitive rates for delivery and the option to choose a preferred carrier service.

Replacing an entire lawnmower is expensive and often unnecessary. Buying lawnmower parts couldn't be easier. One of the most common parts needing to be replaced is the toothed belt which drives the cutting blades. We have a comprehensive range of toothed belts for use in hedge trimmers and lawnmowers, and our expert staff are happy to advise you and help you. Our online catalogue lists our comprehensive range of toothed belts, so you no longer need to trawl through the shops looking for the exact part that you need to fit your mower or hedge trimmer.


Flymo is an internationally famous lawnmower manufacturer, and we stock a wide range of replacement Flymo belts to ensure that you can maintain your equipment and your lawn. Electric hover mowers, wheeled rotary mowers and even robotic mowers all need spare parts in order to be of maximum use, and our warehouses contain a comprehensive range.


Another popular brand of lawnmower is Qualcast, and we also stock a wide variety of spare parts, including replacement Qualcast belts, in our warehouse ready for delivery across the UK. Qualcast electric cylinder mowers, hand-propelled mowers and specialist small garden mowers are trusted and reliable garden equipment.

Hedge Trimmer Belts

In addition to our wide range of lawnmower replacement parts, we sell hedge trimmer belts suitable for use in a range of trimming equipment. It is much cheaper to repair a part than to replace the entire piece of equipment, and much easier to find the exact part that you need in our online catalogue than to look through the shops for it.

Once you have found the replacement part that you need, you can pay for your purchases via debit card, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, and our checkout is secure and easy to use.


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