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Metric and Imperial Shaft Repair Sleeves

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Metric and Imperial Shaft Repair Sleeves

You can find metric and imperial shaft repair sleeves right here on the Simply Bearings site. These useful parts come in a range of sizes and configurations, with top brands such as Sturdi and SKF represented. Our prices are competitive whether you want to buy one repair sleeve or one hundred. And with free UK delivery, our customers always get the best deal.

When a shaft becomes worn out over time, replacing it might be necessary. Thankfully, with our imperial and metric shaft repair sleeves, you can fix damage rather than having to disassemble complex machinery. If installed correctly, these components can greatly extend the lifespan of a shaft and create a complete seal so that oil and other substances are kept where they need to be.

Careful preparation is required before you buy one of our imperial shaft repair sleeves, as you will need to measure the diameter of the existing shaft accurately, fill in any deep lacerations with a suitable filler and take time to follow the full installation instructions.

Sizes are displayed in both imperial and metric measurements, and you can select the right width and diameter using the menus at the top of the product category page. So if you are looking for metric shaft repair sleeves or would prefer to base your purchase on the imperial system, then you are sure to find the right product here at Simply Bearings.

You can also narrow down your search to a particular brand of shaft sleeve if you have a particular quality standard in mind. Most of the parts in this category are made of tough, durable stainless steel, so they should withstand the test of time.

Placing an order for shaft repair sleeves with Simply Bearings is an excellent idea if you want to avoid paying over the odds for tools and components. With free UK delivery offered to every customer, there are no extra costs to worry about when you get to the checkout. Inexpensive international shipping and express delivery are also options.

Our bulk-buy prices are great for commercial customers, and our prices are displayed without VAT, which should make it easier to calculate how much you will be spending. Because we cater to a global audience, prices for shaft repair sleeves and other items can be viewed in a range of currencies, including euros and Australian dollars.

Contact us if you have any questions about the repair products, parts, sealants, adhesives and other items we have in stock.


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