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Facers and Reamers Tools

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Bicycle Facers and Reamers

At Simply Bearings, you'll find every tool necessary for building, maintaining, customising and repairing bikes. From vintage cycles to tourers, off-roaders to racers, it's all here.

Facing tools are used for facing parts of the bike frame, such as the bottom bracket so that the faces are square and parallel. If they aren't, the bearings will not run true. Some people use facing tools on factory-built bikes if they suspect that elements of the frame are not 100% parallel. Others use the tool when they are building a bike themselves, to ensure that everything is accurate and in alignment.

Using bicycle facers for the bottom bracket may extend bearing life, by ensuring equal wear. As well as a bottom bracket facing tool we have a Cyclo bottom bracket threading tool - cutters are available separately. With the threading tool, you can use the bottom bracket tap to chase and recut damaged threads. We stock a set of Italian (2x right hand) bottom bracket facing guides for use with the Cyclo bottom bracket bicycle facers.

We also have a 51mm head tube facer which is used to achieve a correctly tensioned headset by facing the top of the head tube. This is designed for use with the Cyclo head tube reaming and facing tool. Bike reamers are for finishing off holes within accurate limits by removing a small amount of material to make the hole very slightly larger, so bike reamers are a must for your workshop.

The dual disk mount facing tool faces both mounts at once which allows 100% alignment. It fits both the 100mm and 135mm dropouts but remember that cutters will need to be bought separately.

The drop out alignment tool is essential for aligning and measuring the front and rear dropouts. And don't worry about losing or breaking shims - the tool has sequential shim sizes so you can accurately resize without having to disassemble the tool.

The Gear Hanger Alignment Tool gives you accurate scale alignment. The mounting bolt is set in a nylon bush to make it easier to use, and don't forget that Cyclo do a Quick Release Service Pack for their modular system tools.

We stock many other tools, so use our menus to see what is available. And don't forget that when you buy bike maintenance and building tools from us, you benefit from our expertise, our excellent delivery performance and a no-quibble returns policy.


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