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Grease Meters

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Grease Meters

One of the UK's biggest online stockists and retailers of new and replacement components, Simply Bearings has become the go-to place for anything related to bearings, from common run-of-the-mill parts to engineered specialist components. Our stock, stored in our ultra-modern 20,000-square-foot warehouse, sees applications across a broad array of domestic, commercial and industrial settings every day.

As part of our dedication to maintaining an extensive stock of bearings and accessories, we provide a range of grease meters and grease gun attachments. Grease guns are common and essential instruments in garages, workshops and factories across the world. They are used to channel lubricating oil or grease through an aperture onto a specific point of an assembly, including bearings, nuts, piston shafts and axles.

In modern mechanical systems, grease is fed into the sealed bearing housing unit through a very small opening called a grease fitting. When using a traditional grease gun, there is a real danger of over-greasing. This risks excessively high operating temperatures, energy loss, collapsed seals and eventual bearing failure. This happens due to excess grease inside the housing being churned with difficulty by the rotating bearing elements.

The rising temperatures that occur as a result lead to chemical degradation and oxidation of the grease and a faster rate of separation of oil from the grease thickener. The thickener, over time, is cooked into a crusty, hard accumulation that prevents even new grease lubricating the bearing core. The lack of lubricant, along with elevated temperatures, leads to increased wear on the bearing rolling elements, finally resulting in component failure.

Applying the correct amount of grease accurately is vital to ensure the bearing component's service life is not reduced; however, pneumatic grease guns produce up to 15,000 psi. Given the associated risks of over-greasing, grease meters are important instruments to precisely and effortlessly measure grease discharge.

We are proud to stock grease meters engineered and manufactured by SKF, which is renowned for high-quality bearings and instruments of uncompromising precision. Our meters include LCD displays for ease of use, while the meter housing is constructed from corrosion-protected aluminium. All meters manufactured by SKF are designed to fit any SKF grease gun.

In addition to a commitment to stocking only the highest quality and best value parts and instruments, Simply Bearings is firmly committed to providing unparalleled customer service. We offer a quibble-free money-back guarantee - simply return the product to us within 90 days in its original condition and we will refund you, no questions asked.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require any form of assistance.


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