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Nutlink V-Belts

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Nutlink V Belts

Simply Bearings is a renowned UK retailer of bearings, housing units and belts. Our spacious modern warehouse stocks a comprehensive range of products which you can order online. We deliver free to our customers in the UK and offer extremely competitive delivery choices to international customers, with the option of using your desired carrier service.

If you are looking for a replacement drive V-belt, then you should consider the Fenner range of composite link belts. These belts are made of a polyester-polyurethane composite which ensures that they are resistant to extreme conditions. Composite belts have a high resistance to extremes of temperature (both extreme heat and extreme cold) and to water, steam, oil and many chemicals and to abrasive materials. This makes them exceptionally durable and delivers a much longer belt life even in difficult environments.

Nutlink V belts are constructed from separate links connected by metal T-studs. This means that they are easy and quick to install even on the most awkward or inaccessible of drives, because you don't need to dismantle the drive to fit the belt. The carefully designed link construction of these Fenner belts also means that you can alter the length of the belt to fit any particular drive, so instead of stocking a range of spare belts you need only adjust a NutLink V belt to the required length. This can save you money, time and storage space, as you can adjust the belt to the length that you need on site.

The high-quality composite material that these belts are made from means that they don't stretch as easily as traditional rubber belts. Composite Fenner belts require less maintenance and retensioning while delivering superior, high-horsepower performance for long periods of time.

The link design also means that these belts can deliver reduced vibration and belt noise - in some cases as much as 50% less.

The Fenner belts are available in all of the main industry belt profiles: Z/10, A/13, B/17 and C/22. They are used in reciprocating engine-powered drives and heavier shock loaded applications.

You can order a Fenner belt from Simply Bearings online, by email or over the phone, and you can pay by credit or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Our expert staff are always happy to help with any enquiries.


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