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Plain Wrapped Steel Bearing Bushes

At Simply Bearings we stock an excellent selection of plain wrapped steel bearing bushes. They are an inexpensive option and are constructed with multiple layers to minimise friction and improve durability.

Our plain wrapped steel bearing bushes are available to buy online in a range of quantities, with prices dropping lower when you buy in bulk. We also accommodate customers who just want to buy one or two bearings, with free delivery meaning that the price you pay is reduced even further.

These bushes are made up of a trio of layers: steel, bronze and PTFE. The result is that maintenance requirements are eliminated and long-term operation is assured, with corrosion prevented over extended periods thanks to this cutting-edge combination.

Aside from durability, this design allows heat to be reliably transferred. There is no need to use oil either, which enables even more maintenance-related savings, so the cost of use is unquestionably low.

In spite of the innate affordability that these bushes come with, they are built with the highest-quality materials and to the best industry standards, meaning you are not going to be compromising in any way when you shop with us.

Our site is built around the customer, so you can search for wrapped steel plain bearing bushes as an entire category, or you can set specific parameters for your search so that the products you encounter are fit for the purpose you have in mind.

Choose bushes based on internal and external diameters as well as widths to find the correct product quickly. You can even view prices in different currencies and without VAT, which is great for anyone ordering for overseas delivery.

The aforementioned free delivery offer is applicable to any UK shipping address, so if you are not in a hurry to receive your bushes, then you can get them delivered without increasing the price. We have express delivery for customers who need to order in an emergency, and we also give buyers the option of shipping products to international locations, ensuring global coverage.

With customer reviews available on all products and lots of after-sales support available, you can place an order with Simply Bearings without any qualms. Our customer service is something we are very proud of, and our returns policy puts you in the driving seat, so check out the bushes, bearings and other products we offer and order today without any delay.


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