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SPB Section V Belts - 16x13mm

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SPB Section V Belts - 16x13mm

SPB section V belts are 16mm wide by 13mm deep (roughly equivalent to 5/8x1/2 inch in imperial measurements).

Sections prefixed by "SP are part of a range defined in millimetres according to British standard specifications and also use a different angle between opposing sides compared to the classical range, giving them a sharper profile - often referred to as a "wedge.

This profile can be exploited for space saving, since it allows a v-belt with a greater top edge width to sit securely in a relatively narrow sheave. Alternatively, any given width of pulley with a given width of groove could accommodate a belt with a wider top width so that (other factors being equal) a bulkier belt with greater load bearing capacity can be used. For this reason SPB and other "metric v-belts are often claimed to potentially carry 50%-100% more horsepower and readily handle drives up to 750kw.

The range has a universal wedge profile that should fit all ISO 4183/4184 pulleys. Many engines that have been using classical v-belts will accommodate a metric belt replacement (call us for advice if in doubt).

The top width of an SPB is approximately the same as that of a classical B. Similarly, an SPC would have the same top edge width as a classical C and so on. The equivalent range of cogged metric v-belts are usually prefixed XP instead of SP.

Also note that SP series product ID codes frequently employ the outside circumference of the belt or the pitch length, whereas product codes in classical ranges often use the inside one - so check for additional information on the precise belt dimensions required by your machinery if possible.

In SPB belts the pitch length is approximately 22mm less than the outside circumference. Also look out for these abbreviations within product codes; letters "LA mean approximate length, "LI means the inside length, and "LW denotes the pitch length.

Wedge belts are also often referred to as "Harvester" belts because of their common use in tillage machines. However they are also suitable and widely used in a range of both light and heavy industrial and mining machinery, from stone crushing devices in quarries to printing presses and paper-making machinery, to domestic mowing equipment.

It is important to adjust SPB section V belts with the correct tension or their efficiency can be significantly impaired.

Quality Construction

We stock only top quality brands using low stretch polyester tensile members that are oil, ozone and abrasion resistant and with approved temperature resistance from -20deg C to +70deg C minimum. They are certified ISO 1813 for static conductivity, and their build and dimensional accuracy is certified to European standards DIN 7753, AFNOR T47-117, BS 3790 and ISO 4184.

All our belts are covered both by manufacturers' warranties and by our own no quibble guarantee. We provide free and fast delivery within the UK and very reasonable rates for international deliveries.


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