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SPZ Section Aluminium Pulleys

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SPZ Section Aluminium Pulleys

Simply Bearings stocks a great range of both 3 V/Z pulleys and SPZ section aluminium pulleys. The pulleys allow the V-belt to transmit power, providing high-speed transmission while minimising slippage and misalignment. They are sometimes called friction drives because the V-belt stays firmly on the pulley. They are a cost-effective answer in agricultural and automotive applications because they don't need lubricating and are easy to set up. They're widely found in compressors, bucket elevators, laundry machinery, mills and conveyors.

Our pulleys are suitable for a number of different uses because they come with either one or two grooves and are compliant with ISO 4183. This means that they have wobble tolerance on the groove side and that the eccentricity of the outside diameter to the bore is ensured.

Our pulleys are from Powerdrive - the SPZ section aluminium pulleys are unbowed and available with either one or two grooves. They're designed so that the user can drill them out if required, using the marked-out centre point. This enables precision drilling to suit the needs of a particular application.

These pulleys are lightweight but hard-wearing because they are made from high-quality aluminium - 356.1 aluminium alloy. They're also ultra-reliable, so they're great for applications such as air compressors or generators.


The pitch circle diameter (PCD) can be between 50mm and 300mm. The one groove pulleys have outside diameters of between 55mm and 155mm, while their pitch diameter is between 50 and 150mm.

The two groove pulleys have outside diameters of between 55mm and 205mm, while their pitch diameter is between 5 and 200mm.

On the products page you'll find handy links to the three different kinds of belt that you can use with pulleys: SPZ wedge-shaped belts for these pulleys, or 3V or Z section belts for others.

ISO 9001 Through the Supply Chain

Our supplier is PowerDrive, a company that provides high-quality pulleys and, like us, is accredited to ISO 9001 standard. For us at Simply Bearings, it means that our quality management systems are constantly monitored, checked and audited to ensure that our customers are receiving excellent products and a great level of service. We are re-certificated each year, so we are constantly trying to reach higher standards. We believe this focus on quality means that customers can always deal with us in confidence and trust us to deliver for them.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch - we are happy to help.


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