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Special Bearings

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Special Baler Bearings

The bearings in this section may be found in a variety of equipment but are designed specifically for applications involving direct crop contact, from grass mowers to combine harvesters. Their durable specifications suit them for use in heavy duty agricultural machinery like silage specials. Good load bearing abilities and good quality seals withstand heavily contaminated environments like those encountered in baling hay.

These hex bore bearings have a deep groove ball bearing structure, and are used in settings where collars, set-screws, and other locking devices aren't needed. They are manufactured from premium grades of corrosion resistant steel and undergo computer controlled heat treatment for increased shock tolerance and extended bearing life. They have a close fitting metal shield, double moulded rubber seals and come pre-lubricated.


"Special" balers are designed for baling both wet and dry crops, and also more challenging materials like corn stalks. They are able to produce bales of greater density and their components therefore carry heavier loads. Special baler bearings are frequently specified for John Deere round balers and Case IH combines, but are also often used in planters, mowers and even non-agricultural equipment.

Baling isn't usually a task a modern farm can afford a leisurely approach to. When gathering, many acres need baling while the weather is conducive and the bales must be sealed and stored swiftly to ensure good quality silage. Choosing bearings that won't break down in the field at this critical time is vital.

Although special balers handle wet crops, some farmers advise removing the feeder forks in really wet hay as it can reduce bale starting problems. Also, whichever type of machine you use, always clean the idler rollers after baling in the wet, even if they are fitted with scrapers.


A hexagonal bore is a popular choice for rugged baler bearings of this type although square and round bores will be found in some machines. A "G" prefix often indicates a bearing can be re-lubricated, but be aware that similar SKUs are little guarantee you are looking at a similar bearing - a small difference in numbering can denote a different type of bearing altogether.

If measuring up a baler bearing to match it, remember that the inner bore is the distance between opposite sides, not the diameter of the containing circle (that is, corner to corner). If in any doubt about the precise bearing you require Simply Bearings are always on hand with expert advice.

The baler bearings at the heavier end of this range have the greatest load, stress and contamination resistance. For example, the 207KRRB12 would be suitable as an externally located support bearing where contamination is moderate, while the GW208PPB22 is suitable as a bearing located inside the baling chamber where there is both high contamination and severe stresses due to shaft deflection under the weight of the bales.


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