• 3/16x3/16 inch Flat Ended Loose Needle Rollers
3/16x3/16 inch Flat Ended Loose Needle Rollers
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3/16x3/16 inch Flat Ended Loose Needle Rollers

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Loose Needle Roller Bearings: High Quality Graded Hardened Chrome Steel roller made from Chromium AISI 52100 steel. Hardened to 60-67 Rockwell Scale equivalent to 700-900 HV (Vickers Scale) and are hardened all the way through the roller. These are the same hardened steel rollers used to manufacture needle roller bearing assemblies and have a high duty and life cycle. These hardened rollers are highly suited as replacements for bearing components, drive transmission parts, pivots, shafts etc.
Benefits: Hardened and ground, precision components, AISI 51200 chrome steel, 60-67 Rockwell hardness

Brand / Quality: Simply Ital Ball - High Quality
Outside Diameter: 4.76mm = 3/16 inch
Length: 4.76mm = 3/16 inch
Loose Roller tolerances

  • Brady Jameson, United Kingdom 22/07/2019

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    Fantastic service - order processed and received within 24 hours! Thanks!

  • Bronson Oswaldo, United Kingdom 29/01/2019

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    Other products i have used don't compare to yours

  • Jaylen Price, United Kingdom 29/01/2019

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    Thanks for the speed with which you got my rollers to me. I was really stuck and needed them fast and they arrived next day. Minimal down time and super quality as well. I will certainly buy from you again

  • Theodore Lutz, United Kingdom 05/10/2017

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    Good website, Rapid delivery, quality product as described

  • Cesar Jaden, United Kingdom 16/01/2017

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    Great range of products which are easy to locate with helpful descriptions. Arrived next day.

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3/16x3/16 inch Flat Ended Loose Needle Rollers

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