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Quality Loose Ball Bearings and Rollers

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Ball Bearings

At Simply Bearings we're proud to be the UK's number one stockist of bearings. With literally millions in stock, we have the most comprehensive range of bearings available - all with free UK delivery.

Finding the exact ball bearing you need is easy using our dedicated search engine that lets you search by size or name. Or why not contact our dedicated and professional team, who are always happy to deal with your enquiries? We carry genuine replacement bearings from a range of well-known manufacturers, including FAG, SKF and Codex, to meet your needs.

What Types of Ball Bearings Are There?

Did you know ball-shaped bearings have been around since the 1790s, when they were used in carriage wheels? Or that the name Volvo means 'I roll'? This type of rolling element has a long history, first popularised in bicycles and then cars. It reduces rotational friction while supporting axial and radial loads and can be used for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, agricultural and industrial machinery, cars and other vehicles, skateboards and even fidget spinners!

Bearings can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, including different types of steel, brass, ceramics and even plastic. Each one has its own advantages which make it ideal for a specific application, whether that's noise level, weight, load bearing or resistance to corrosion.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

If you need bearings that are highly resistant to corrosion, then stainless steel should be your first choice. They are ideal for use in marine and agricultural applications, where bearings are likely to encounter moisture and harsh working conditions, and are suitable for hygienic use in the food industry.

Ideal where you need bearings with high rotational speeds or robust load-bearing ability, these types of bearings are a trusted technology and a go-to solution for robust applications. We supply the UK's widest range of chrome and stainless steel ball bearings, so you're sure to find the right bearing for the job.

Chrome Ball Bearings

Chrome bearings are heat-treated for extreme durability and resistance to cracking and make an excellent all-purpose bearing. Thanks to their superior resistance to wear and exceptional load-bearing capacity, chrome ball bearings are widely used in the automotive industry due to their low-noise, smooth raceway finishes.

Browse our range of chrome bearings for the imperial or metric size that fits your application or use our search engine to find the perfect match.

Plastic Ball Bearings

These types of bearings offer benefits that steel and chrome can't match. Ideal when a non-metallic bearing is required, plastic ball bearings are lightweight, offer excellent resistance to wear and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Corrosion-resistant, quiet and self-lubricating, plastic bearings are the ideal choice for normal- to high-speed applications. We supply Delrin bearings alongside Zirconium Oxide and Alumina Ceramic balls for when you need a lightweight, silent and corrosion-resistant bearing.

Brass Ball Bearings

These types of bearings show excellent resistance to corrosion where gasoline, alcohol and kerosene are present, making their use widespread in the automotive industry. They're also non-ferrous, which makes them anti-magnetic and suitable for use where magnetism may prove a problem.

They also exhibit high levels of electrical conductivity making them the first choice for the electronics industry, while small diameter balls are used in valves. They're also a good choice for low friction applications. At Simply Bearings we can supply a wide range of brass ball bearings for UK and international delivery.

Why get your bearings from Simply Bearings?

As the UK's number 1 supplier of bearings, oil seals and transmission products we're happy to supply one bearing to a private customer or hundreds of thousands to our corporate clients.

Ay Simply Bearings we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service which is why we make it as easy as possible to order direct from the website using our search engine. Can't find what you're looking for? Our team are waiting to take your call and place an order for you.

If you need your bearings in a hurry, we offer same and next day services on a wide range of our products. And why not let our smart cart take the hassle out of calculating international rates? Just enter the country and we'll calculate the rest.

You'll also benefit from our no quibble, 90 day money back guarantee. If you need to return products to us for any reason at all, replace them in their original packaging and send them to us within 90 days and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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