• AM0508-5 Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bush 5x8x5mm
AM0508-5 Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bush 5x8x5mm
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AM0508-5 Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bush 5x8x5mm

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Oil Filled Bronze Bushes: Made in a variety of styles from bronze, graphite and several other metallic powders formed to shape by the sintering process and then soaked in oil. These simple bush style bearings have an extended range of applications but are particularly suited to function in the the following conditions; high / low temperatures1, high / low speed applications, corrosive environments, low maintenance applications etc.
1┬ These bushes are generally implanted with grease which has a temperature range of -20 to +90 deg C. Contact our Customer Support Team for more options to compensate for medium and wide range temperatures.
Benefits: Inexpensive, noiseless operation, self lubrication, low maintenance costs.

Brand / Quality: Oilite - High Quality
Inside Diameter: 5mm
Outside Diameter: 8mm
Length: 5mm
Basic Dia d
Min I/D
Max I/D
Basic O/D D
Min O/D
Max O/D
Length L
Phosphor Bronze Plain Bush

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AM0508-5 Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bush 5x8x5mm

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