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  • SKF TKRS11 Stroboscope 30-300000 flashes per minute
SKF TKRS11 Stroboscope 30-300000 flashes per minute
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SKF TKRS11 Stroboscope 30-300000 flashes per minute

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SKF TKRS Series: The SKF Stroboscopes are portable, compact, easy-to-use stroboscopes that enable the motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery to appear frozen. They allow such applications as fan blades, couplings, gear wheels, machine tool spindles and belt drives to be inspected while running. TKRS stroboscopes are useful for ODR programmes and are an essential instrument for maintenance technicians. Phase shift mode enables the viewing of the object of interest to be rotated to the correct position for viewing, especially useful for gear wheels and fan blade inspection. For ease of use for extended periods, they are equipped with a tripod mounting thread.
Note:Ergonomic controls enable the flash rate to be set in a matter of seconds. Supplied in a sturdy carrying case with universal charger

Brand / Quality: SKF - High Quality
Flash rate range
30 to 300000 flashes per minute (f/min)
Flash rate accuracy
+0,005%(+1 digit at 23 deg C (73 F))
Flash setting and display resolution
+0,1 (30 to 999,9 f/min) +1,0 (1000 to 300000 f/min)
Flash source
3 LEDs
Brightness (Flash duration)
adjustable: 0,2 deg C/ 1 u&
39s whichever is bigger - 5 deg C/ 2 000 u&
39s whichever is smaller
Light power
>2 000 lux at 3 deg C flash duration and 0,3 m (12 in) distance
Flash colour
approx. 5000 - 8000 K
Power Source
3 x AA batteries (included)
Run time ca. per change
ca. 5:30 h at 1 deg C (100% display brightness) ca. 7:45 h at 0,2 deg C (20% display brightness)
Black and White LCD
Display update
Direct selector switches and rotary/push knob
Housing Material
ABS (plastics)
Instrument dimensions
225 x 78 x 50mm (8.9 x 3 x 2 inch)
Case dimensions
260 x 85 x 180mm (10.2 x 3.3 x 7.1 inch)
Instrument weight (incl. batteries)
0,29 kg (0,64 lb)
Total weight
0,78 kg (1,7 lb)
Operating temperature
0 to 40 deg C (32 to 104 F)
Storage temperature
-20 to+45 deg C (-4 to +113 F)
Type of protection for indication only
No Further Information Available

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SKF TKRS11 Stroboscope 30-300000 flashes per minute

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