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  • BS617 2.62mm Section 17.86mm Bore VITON Rubber O-Rings
BS617 2.62mm Section 17.86mm Bore VITON Rubber O-Rings
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BS617 2.62mm Section 17.86mm Bore VITON Rubber O-Rings

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Viton Rubber O Rings: Widely used and the simplest types of seal they are found everywhere from plumbing installations to the space shuttle, they are common in engines and gearboxes, garden hoses, pumps etc. They can be used as face to face seals (like a gasket) or as shaft seals and facilitate both rotary and linear movement. Viton rubber has a particularly wide operating temperature range ranging from - 25 deg Celsius up to + 200 Deg C (higher for short periods) and a high degree of chemical resistance. It is highly suitable for use in engines and other areas where extremes of temperature and chemical exposure are present.
Material Specification: Viton Rubber (FPM), 75 Shore hardness.
Benefits: Excellent sealing properties and durability, wide temp range, high resistance to many chemicals and petroleum based fuels including petrol, diesel, LPG

Brand / Quality: Simply VIT O-Ring - High Quality
Cross Section: 2.62mm
Inside Diameter: 17.86mm
Outside Diameter: 23.1mm
Cord Thickness (w)
Inside Diameter (d)
Outside Diameter (D)
Viton Chemical Resistance

  • Don Milne, United kingdom 08/11/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    All I can tell you is that the O-rings were the right size, and I thought the price was pretty good. The o-ring selection wizard made buying very easy, thanks!

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BS617 2.62mm Section 17.86mm Bore VITON Rubber O-Rings

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