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  • 1008-1 Tapered Locking Bush with 1 inch Bore
1008-1 Tapered Locking Bush with 1 inch Bore
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1008-1 Tapered Locking Bush with 1 inch Bore

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Tapered Locking Bushes: A simple device designed to permit easy positioning of pulleys, sprockets and other power transmission hubs and then fasten them securely in place to the shaft. Likewise the removal process is simple, allowing for positional adjustments and periodic maintenance to take place easily.

1. Clean all parts of the bushing and bore of hub thus removing any oil, lacquer or dirt, clean the shaft of any rust or dirt. Install the tapered locking bush in hub and match half holes to make complete holes (each complete hole will be threaded on one side only).
2. Oil the threads and either the end of grub screws. Install screws loosely in holes that are threaded on the hub side.
3. Make sure that the bushing is free in the hub. Slip assembly onto shaft and align in the desired position.
4. Tighten screws evenly and alternately until the part has tightened.
5. Using a hammer and a block, tap the large end of the bushing inwards around its perimeter. Re-tighten screws using the correct torque. Repeat this procedure until the screws no longer turn. A good practice is to fill any remaining holes or cap screw heads with grease to prevent dirt build up.

1. Remove all screws. Oil the threads and either the end of grub screws.
2. Insert screws into the hole(s) that are threaded on the bushing side, for bushes with 2 screws there is 1 removal hole, for bushes with 3 screws there are 2 removal holes.
3. Tighten screws alternately until the bushing is loose in the hub. It may be necessary to tap on the hub to loosen the bushing. Once loose the hub will slide off the shaft.
Benefits: Simple installation and removal, cost effective solution.
Information: The tapered locking bushing size is defined by 4 digits representing two numbers. The first two digits represent the maximum bore size and the second two digits represent the bushing length. For example, product number 1008 has a max. bore of 1.0 inch and a total length of 0.8 inch

Brand / Quality: EU Budget - Economy Quality
Inside Diameter: 25.40mm = 1 inch
Outside Diameter: 35.2mm
Width: 22.3mm
Bore d
1 inch
Diameter D
Width W
Grub screw qty
Screw size
1/4 Whitworth 1/2 inch Long
0.250x0.053 inch
Screw Tightening Torque
5.6 Nm

1008 to 3030 Series Taper Lock bush Diagram

  • Ulises Dean, United Kingdom 03/06/2021

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Excellent value for money, you won't find any better

  • Joshua Dale, United Kingdom 06/10/2017

    5 of 5 Stars!
    As Described.

  • Franco Palmer, United Kingdom 09/11/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Excellent service and products, delivery was 1st class! No literally it was 1st class post arrived next day!

  • Twanna Sharita, United Kingdom 10/08/2016

    5 of 5 Stars!
    I had no idea what i was doing or what I was looking for. Their trade counter team lead me through each step at a time. Sussing out which belt it was I needed, which pulley to go for and the taper lock to fit inside the pulley. So thanks for everyone's help.

  • Aditya Ali, United Kingdom 26/10/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Thank you Simply !

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1008-1 Tapered Locking Bush with 1 inch Bore

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