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14M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

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14M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

Simply Bearings offers an impressive and comprehensive selection of 14mm HTD Timing belt pulleys, so you are sure to find the precise version you need. High Torque Drive timing belts and pulleys have deep round profiled teeth machined into them to provide positive drive between pulleys and belts. They are specifically engineered to transfer greater forces than traditional v-belt pulley systems. 14M HTD timing belt pulleys have a pitch measurement of 14mm, making them ideal for higher power and heavier load applications. As a result of their larger sizes and power / torque transmission capabilities these drive components will generally be in found medium to heavy industrial applications, plant, elevators, mines and other large applications requiring huge amounts of power to be transferred whilst maintaining synchronicity.

Our range includes products from trusted manufacturers such as Drive-Flex. Our 14M HTD timing belt pulleys come with a wide range of teeth numbers, from 28 up to 192. Both pilot bore pulleys and taper bore pulleys are available within our selection. You can also choose from a variety of belt widths, including 40mm, 85mm and 170mm. If you need help finding the right pulley for your application, please contact Simply Bearings knowledgeable team today. Any in-stock products ordered before 4pm are dispatched on the same day and there is free second-class postage on all orders over £.


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