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2 Bolt Pressed Steel Pillow Block Housings

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2 Bolt Pressed Steel Pillow Block Housings

These 2 bolt pressed steel pillow block housing units come in a two part design that can be assembled around shafts or disassembled for replacement, without the need for complete disassembly of your entire drive mechanism. Two bolt holes are used to simultaneously secure the unit together and secure it in place. Attachment to metal, wood or brickwork is possible, and they can be fitted onto surfaces in any horizontal, vertical or other inclination.

The range of 2 bolt pressed steel pillow block housing units listed here are available in both metric and imperial standard dimensions.

This design of bearing housing is intended for light to medium load situations. The sealed bearing inserts are included in the package and are secured to shafts by grub screws. Plastic or metal collars and rubber grommets can also be used in conjunction with these units to help safe seating of the parts or impart some additional shock absorbance and flexibility. Collars are already included with some of the items in this range. All component parts are also available to purchase separately, allowing units to be maintained economically without having to replace the entire 2 bolt pressed steel pillow block housings and their bearing inserts when only a single part is needed.

Despite a small degree of flex in pressed steel units compared to cast ones, when fitting 2 bolt pressed steel pillow block housings it's important that the shaft is in a parallel plane to the surface the housing is mounted upon, and extending perpendicular to, the centre line of the mounting bolt holes. This ensures that the load is only radial or directed toward the fully supported base in which circumstances the potential load bearing of 2 bolt pressed steel pillow block housing units is really only limited by the bearing specifications. Significant lateral forces, however, will require a more robust kind of housing. Also consider the possible impact of vibration on the mounting bolts and their substrate.

For scenarios where heavier load bearing is required, four bolt cast pillow blocks are also available, as well as flange housings in triangular, quadrilateral and circular designs. Other types of bearings can be fitted into these housings, such as ball and roller bearings manufactured in a range of materials to suit various environments.

All our housings come from top quality manufacturers and offer great value for money, but most types of bearing require regular greasing to deliver maximum longevity. High quality low friction bearings are also available for use in scenarios where grease is impractical to apply or unacceptable (such as in paper and packaging manufacture or food preparation). If you are unsure as to whether any particular bearing and housing are suitable for your application, Simply Bearings staff are always available to provide expert technical advice. We also offer same day dispatch to all destinations, and free shipping within the UK.


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