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2 Bolt Thermoplastic Pillow Block Housings

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2 Bolt Thermoplastic - Stainless Steel Pillow Blocks

Cast your eye over the line-up of 2 bolt thermoplastic and stainless steel pillow block housings we have right here at Simply Bearings. Our site is the best place to buy all sorts of engineering parts, tools and consumables, whether you are an industry professional or a home repairs guru. And with our cost-conscious price points, you can pick up a variety of products without over-stretching your budget.

The 2 bolt thermoplastic and stainless steel pillow blocks we offer are designed to help shafts combine with bearings, holding the outside in place while the interior is free to rotate. The thermo-plastic housing is resilient and hard-wearing, as you would expect, making it suitable for a number of different applications and environments. And in most cases these 2 bolt thermoplastic and stainless steel pillow block housings come with a pre-fitted bearing crafted from steel.

Since this type of bearing housing is often used in conditions where it will be in regular contact with solid food and liquids, the food-safe rating they have achieved will be an important selling point. And with inside diameters ranging from 12mm to 90mm, picking out the housing and bearing combination that you need will be a simple task.

Maintenance of the 2 bolt thermoplastic and stainless steel pillow blocks you can buy from Simply Bearings is also made easy thanks to the option to re-lubricate them via the grease nipple after installation. You can further prevent corrosion by applying protective substances, which will be necessary if the bearing and housing are to be regularly exposed to liquids.

Buying pillow blocks from Simply Bearings is a painless experience thanks to a combination of our intuitive site and our excellent team working at our cutting-edge fulfilment centre. Free UK delivery is available on any order, which is an extremely competitive offer that puts our customers in a great position to save even more when they buy with us. Meanwhile, our express and international delivery options give you flexibility no matter where you are based.

While you are taking a look at our pillow and plumber block range, why not see what else you can buy on our site? We stock everything from cycling components and chain links to bearings, adhesives and sealants. Stock levels are listed clearly, and you can always get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for on our site right now.


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