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3M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

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3M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

Simply Bearings is one of the UKs leading suppliers of bearings, oil seals and power transmission products. We offer an impressive selection of 3mm Pitch HTD timing belt pulleys, suitable for use across a range of industries, including printing, food production and packaging. 3M HTD timing belt pulleys have a pitch of 3mm and are typically used in smaller machinery, tools and domestic appliances, CNC milling machines etc. HTD - or High Torque Drive - belt pulleys have a deep radiused toothed profile which increases contact between the pulley and belt, enabling it to transfer greater torque and more power than traditional tooth profile pulleys.

At Simply Bearings, all of our 3mm HTD timing belt pulleys are made from either aluminium, steel or cast iron, the larger pulleys tend to be aluminium which is particularly well suited to these components but don?t have the option of tapered bores for use with tapered locking bushes, in general you have to bore these to suit your application or to suit a quick-lok bushing. In the case of larger pulleys aluminium is lightweight and offers a lower inertia than steel solution.Steel pulleys come in the options of with a pilot bore or tapered bore as they get larger; they are generally black phosphate coated to offer corrosion resistance and in the main have belt retention flanges. Aluminium pulleys are somewhat corrosion resistant by nature of the material itself.Our 3M HTD timing pulleys come in a selection of widths, including 9mm and 15mm to suit belts of the same widths. Choosing the number of teeth is simple with our filters and with options ranging from 10 right up to 72 teeth all from stock you are onto a winner. Drive-Flex is the preferred brand and is among the trusted manufacturers of the high-quality Major Brand timing belt pulleys in our range.

Find the timing belt pulley you need from our impressive selection today and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.


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