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4 Bolt Cast Iron Square Housings

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4 Bolt Square Cast Iron Housings

We usually have over 450 products in this range of 4 bolt square cast iron housing units. As well as a great choice of brands, you'll find flat back inserts, full width inserts, taper sleeves and eccentric collars. These cast iron housings are for heavy duty applications, and the SKF range includes housings specifically designed for use in high temperatures.

SKF high temperature housings

SKF manufactures 4 bolt square cast iron housings that can withstand extreme temperatures. They have a cast iron grey housing and a coronet graphite cage. The lubricant is a polyalkylene glycol/graphite mix, except when the bearing is being used for longer periods in temperatures beyond 200?C. In these circumstances, a dry lubricant must be used. This type of bearing will withstand temperatures of between -50?C to +350?C.

Some of the SKF bearings have steel cages and their temperature range is not as great as the graphite cage bearings. They will operate between temperatures of -40?C and +250?C. They have a maximum rotating speed of 100 rpm.

All the variants of this bearing are distinguished by a phosphated black coating on the inserts. The inside diameter measurements available are 19.05 mm to 61.91 mm, or in Imperial, ?" to 2 7/16".

INA, RHP and EU Budget bearings

The range includes 4 bolt square cast iron housings from these manufacturers - we stock nearly 200 products from RHP alone.

INA produces a taper sleeve bearing which is tightened against the shaft using a locknut rather than grub screws. This is a full width, sealed, heavy duty bearing insert with a grease nipple and a taper bore for the taper sleeve. The insert can be taken out and replaced when needed.

We also have RHP 4 bolt square cast iron housing units with a taper bore, taper sleeve and locknut for tightening, which is secured with a tab washer.

There's also a huge range of standard, heavy duty, cast iron bearings with a fully sealed insert in the housing. The bearing is tightened against the shaft with grub screws and the inserts are removable, so that you can replace them if you need to. They have a grease nipple for easy relubrication.

If you need help deciding which of the 4 bolt square cast iron housing units and which brand is best for your application, don't hesitate to give us a ring. Our telephone team are helpful and well informed about engineering applications. If you are concerned about ordering the wrong product, rest assured that our no-quibble refund policy runs for 90 days after your purchase, so you can buy in confidence.


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