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4 Bolt Thermoplastic Square Housings

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4 Bolt Square Stainless Steel & Thermoplastic Housings

Find out about the 4 bolt square stainless steel and thermoplastic housing units we stock right here at Simply Bearings, where hundreds of different products are available at affordable prices. As with all of the parts and tools that we offer, you can buy 4 bolt square stainless steel and thermoplastic housings online and pick from cost-effective delivery options.

The majority of the housings listed here on the Simply Bearings site come complete with a bearing fitted inside the thermoplastic exterior as standard, so they are ready to be fitted straight away and you do not have to worry about pairing them with a compatible component separately. The 4 bolt square stainless steel and thermoplastic housings are built to withstand high temperatures and also come pre-approved for use in equipment that will come into contact with food, making them ideal replacements for worn out or damaged existing parts.

One of the other advantages of these bearing housings is that they come with a grease nipple, which means it is simple to apply additional lubricant further down the line in order to prolong their lifespan and improve their performance even after extensive use. It is worth noting that if they are exposed to liquids for extended periods, the metal components will inevitably corrode and so the application of a protective layer of grease or a similar substance is advised, if this is possible.

When you use the Simply Bearings site to buy 4 bolt square stainless steel and thermoplastic housing units, you can find products which come in a variety of different diameters, fitting whatever shaft configuration you may have. Searching only for products with a specific diameter is straightforward thanks to our intuitive options menu, and you can also switch to view prices in currencies other than GBP if you are buying from abroad.

Customers in the UK are able to order any number of these components and get them delivered free of charge as part of our standard shipping package. There are express delivery options as well, if time is tight, as we like to give our customers as much flexibility as possible when they make a purchase.

International shipping is available and you can often get a better deal on your order with Simply Bearings if you are buying in bulk, so keep an eye on the prices and see what you could save when you shop with us.


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